CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is that part of a computer system or a web server that runs all of the calculations. Every single CPU operates at a particular speed and the larger it is, the swifter everything will be processed, so when you host resource-demanding web applications on a web server, for example, a quick processor shall allow them to be performed more quickly, which will greatly contribute to the overall user experience. The modern generations of CPUs have 2 and more cores, each working at a certain speed to guarantee a superior and quicker performance. This kind of architecture permits the processor to handle numerous processes simultaneously or a number of cores to handle one process if it needs extra computing power to be carried out. However, other variables such as the amount of RAM or the connection that a given server uses could also affect the performance of the web sites hosted on it.

CPU Share in VPS Servers

The CPU speeds provided by our VPS servers vary greatly and you can pick the VPS with the most appropriate resources for your sites. When you need a VPS for one Internet site that does not have lots of visitors, for instance, you can get a low-end plan, that will also be less expensive than the high-end plans that come with big CPU quotas and which can easily match a dedicated server. We create only a few VPS accounts on very efficient servers with 16-core processors, so the CPU share that you'll get with your new plan will be guaranteed at all times and the performance of your server will never be affected by other virtual accounts on the exact same physical server. Upgrading from one plan to another shall only take a few clicks from the billing CP and the extra CPU share shall be allotted to your account immediately.

CPU Share in Dedicated Servers

We provide several different hardware configurations with our dedicated server packages, so as to provide you with the chance to obtain the one which you need for your apps and websites. Since you'll have an entire machine at your disposal, you will be able to fully utilize its resources, such as the processing power. We test each and every part before we assemble a new hosting server and the CPU isn't an exception, so when we hand over the machine, we guarantee that it'll work flawlessly. The processors have 2-12 cores depending on the particular package, so you can choose if you'd like to use a lower-end package or a web hosting powerhouse which will allow you to run very heavy and resource-demanding applications. The highly effective CPUs will raise the speed of your sites even if they get a tremendous amount of visitors.